Hire your smart employees

We specialise in planning drawings, building control drawing and construction details 

UK based customer service team

Planning and building control package from £180

Or need a full time employee

Please see cost below 

Autocad technician

£5 per hour

£800 per month


£200 per week

Best for producing floor plan, room elevations, elevations 

3d Visulaizer

£7.5 per hour

£1200 per month


£300 per week

Best for producing 3d images, for exterior or interior  

Revit modeler 

£10 per hour

£1600 per month


£400 per week

Best for producing 3d images

Why SMART employees

- Dedicated only to do your work

- Your remote employee will work at UK time

- Will respond within 15 mins 

-Substantial reduction in employment cost

- Video chats , whatsapp messaging, in click of a button

- UK based support office

-Proficient english speaking

- Follow your drawing or presentation standards

- Every day update on works done 

Work has chaged with technology and after covid.

your employee will work for office based in Chenni, india 

with UK based customer service

why india ?

- Huge works force, from reputed universities and colleges

- Direct flights from london

- Large english speaking population

- Huge cost savings

We're here to help you grow your team

Full time  employer 

 - Deticated only for your work

- Answer or responds your call in  15mins  - 30mins

- Works at deictaed time frame 

- Grows and adapts to your needs